Finding your why-power


I know this is a really busy time of year,

…and the last thing on your mind right now is losing weight, exercising, and eating healthier, but in a few weeks these will become the most common resolutions that Americans make.

Every year, millions of Americans spend an exorbitant amount of money signing up for gym memberships and joining commercial diet plans, while promising themselves that this year will be different. Unfortunately, studies show that about 90% of people don’t meet their goals.

There are many reasons why people drift back to their old habits, including lack of support, lack of accountability, and lackluster results from following a trendy internet plan that was never really
sustainable from the start. In addition, many people rely on sheer willpower to change their behavior, but willpower doesn’t last.

What you need is why-power.

So what’s your why? Your deeper motivation to change? Is it to prevent diabetes complications? Improve an autoimmune disease? Get off of medications? Or to just playwith your grandkids? Once
you identify your why, your mindset changes so that you see healthy changes as a welcome solution, not a restrictive burden.

At Cleveland Nutrition we help our patients find their why.

We provide the personal support and attention you need to make meaningful and sustainable healthy lifestyle changes so that you can finally achieve the health transformation you truly desire.

Dr. David gutman small headshot

Dr. Gutman is the founder of Cleveland Nutrition, which offers a unique opportunity to use a dietary approach to medical care, with the support of a physician and specialized registered dietitians. The Cleveland Nutrition team teaches patients to use food as medicine to restore health, normalize weight, eliminate medication, and reduce pain. Their approach includes education and coaching to help patients change their mindset and boost their motivation, while offering them the accountability, tools, and skills necessary to change their health for good.

Is our program the answer to your health challenge?

Find out if a Plants as Medicine™ approach could help you find your way back to excellent health.

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