The confusing world of nutrition


It’s frustrating when today’s health news contradicts last week’s news.

Should your diet be high in fat or low in fat? How dangerous is a low carb diet? Is coffee ok? Do eggs really affect your cholesterol levels? Do cholesterol levels even matter?

How can we make informed decisions about what’s healthy to eat when it seems that even the researchers in the field of nutrition can’t seem to make up their minds? Many patients I’ve spoken to have told me that they are so confused about what to eat that they stopped trying to figure it out.

That’s a big win for the food manufacturers and a big loss for your health.

Even if you recognize that much of the nutrition research printed in medical journals is funded and manipulated by food industries, that still doesn’t help you know what to eat. How can you sort out which studies to believe?

That is the problem that I encountered when I began studying nutrition in depth back in 2010.

As an internal medicine doctor, I had not been well-trained in the field of nutrition, but I had been well-trained to critically analyze medical studies, interpret data, and identify bias in research. It was time to put those skills to use. I spent the next several years studying nutrition studies. I was pulling 2 or 3 all-nighters every single week, reading and analyzing thousands of studies. To my surprise I found that studies were in agreement far more often than they were in conflict. Even the studies that “bucked the trend” (and made the news) could often be explained when examining the study more closely. The field of nutrition was not that confusing, after all.

In 2012, I started Cleveland Nutrition to work directly with patients.

I wanted to apply what I learned to help people reverse their chronic diseases by using food as medicine. My dietary recommendations were based on the science, not on the bias, and we’ve seen some amazing results. Diabetes goes away, inflammatory and autoimmune conditions improve, clogged blood vessels open up, migraines resolve, and so much more. It is so exciting to be the doctor that takes his patients OFF of medications because health is IMPROVING, rather than adding medications because health is deteriorating!

In this blog I will discuss a variety of interesting topics relating to nutrition and health. When a compelling medical study catches my eye, I’ll keep you up to date with it’s findings. I will try to keep these posts focused and short in length to minimize reading time.

Stay tuned!

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Dr. Gutman is the founder of Cleveland Nutrition, which offers a unique opportunity to use a dietary approach to medical care, with the support of a physician and specialized registered dietitians. The Cleveland Nutrition team teaches patients to use food as medicine to restore health, normalize weight, eliminate medication, and reduce pain. Their approach includes education and coaching to help patients change their mindset and boost their motivation, while offering them the accountability, tools, and skills necessary to change their health for good.

Is our program the answer to your health challenge?

Find out if a Plants as Medicine™ approach could help you find your way back to excellent health.

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